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Family, Friends & Fun: Our Approach to COVID-19 | Eclipse Senior Living


Family, Friends & Fun

“Quality of life, fun and social connection are more important now, than ever. One can stay socially connected while still physically distanced. Our goal is to create engaging, social community environments regardless of any limitations we have in place on how we can do that. Meals are the best time to socialize, so we are working carefully to reopen dining rooms and offer great meals with great conversation.”

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Facilitating social engagement is a critical component to the value Eclipse Senior Living offers. The residents, their families and the local neighborhoods remain creative in their ideas. From car parades to singalongs outside the community, we are open to hearing what ideas our community has to encourage physical, mental and spiritual wellness while ensuring we comply with state and local regulations.


While physical distancing and limiting contact are vital for helping reduce the risk of infection, we know how important social interaction and maintaining connections with loved ones are to the happiness, health and wellbeing of our residents.

In-person visits are more controlled for now and subject to enhanced health screening practices. Each Eclipse Senior Living community offers alternative ways for our residents and their loved ones to stay connected.

In-Person Visits

As we continue to follow CDC guidelines and local health agency recommendations, many communities have resumed in-person visits where it is safe to do so. Many of these take place outdoors or in a designated visitor space indoors which are cleaned and sanitized after every use.
While visitors are subject to screenings, must always properly wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing, these in-person visits are a favorite of residents and loved ones whenever they are available.

Window Visits and Car Parades

Many Eclipse Senior Living communities allow residents and guests to meet and talk through a closed window, many will use mobile phones or walkie talkies. Some residents find this approach preferable to virtual visits, while keeping everyone safe. Likewise, some communities also offer the option of “drive-up” visits, where visitors remain in their car and can converse with residents while maintaining a safe distance. Car parades are also a great way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, allowing for multiple visitors to celebrate and share the occasion safely.

Virtual Visits

Our teams have tablet devices that provide access to video calls between residents and families. While nothing can replace in-person interaction, these virtual visits have been greatly appreciated as a way for loved ones to interact on a regular basis. We sanitize devices after each use.

Social Activities

Depending on state regulations, we offer hallway bingo, happy hour on wheels and other ways to keep residents engaged whether in their apartments or in small group or larger group activities with proper health and safety protocols in place. Activities and programs continue to focus on physical, mental and spiritual wellness – plus creating as much fun as possible. See our online photobook with all the great things going on in our communities.


We know meals are the best times to socialize. As our dining rooms are opened, dining options have been enhanced to follow CDC and health guidelines, including spacing between seating and physical barriers to protect residents while allowing for conversation. Residents always have the option to enjoy meals in their apartments too.

As a situation could change in a community, we’re fully prepared to increase or reduce limitations on the dining room as state regulations guide us.


Our communities typically offer daily scheduled transportation services to our residents for appointments, errands and social outings. We increase or relax limitations as needed based on guidance from state regulations and the situation at each community. Any transportation we offer follows protocols based on CDC guidelines including reduce capacity, proper mask wearing and physical distancing.


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