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Health & Safety: Our Approach to COVID-19 | Eclipse Senior Living



“The health and wellbeing of our residents and associates are always our top priorities. It starts with our infection control and prevention protocols based on CDC guidelines which are then fine-tuned based on state and local requirements. With that as our foundation, we add on hiring, training, and retaining great associates, which includes facilitating their ongoing training around not only infection control and safety but also preserving dignity and enhancing quality of life. We have internal and external experts that manage and monitor implementation of our programs. The outcome? Quality of life for the residents we’re privileged to serve.”

Sharon SVP Wellness Signature Card

The health and wellbeing of our residents and associates are our top priorities. Fundamentally, Eclipse Senior Living wants to remain vigilant while returning to the full spectrum of amenities and services we offer residents, so our communities can revitalize and thrive and our residents can once again experience the joy of reconnecting person to person with each other and their families. Reducing the risk of infection is critical to maintaining healthy and happy communities. To accomplish this, we continue to follow best practice standards from CDC for proper safety and sanitation methods. If circumstances change in a community, we are fully prepared to increase restrictions for a limited amount of time or decrease them in accordance with our protocols and state regulations. 

Preventing the potential spread of COVID-19 starts at the front door. We have designated single-entry locations for all who come into the community including staff, visitors and emergency personnel. This ensures that everyone who does enter has their temperature taken, completes a questionnaire developed by the CDC and is evaluated for entry. We use an electronic screening program to make the process faster and easier for all staff, residents and visitors.

Face Masks & PPE

Everyone who enters an Eclipse Senior Living community is required to properly wear face coverings over the mouth and nose at all times, except for residents when they are eating or in their own apartments. Associates are supplied with all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves, gowns, and eye protection and receive ongoing training in their proper use, sanitization and disposal protocols. Each property also keeps a reserve supply of masks for use by those who do not have their own.

Senior woman looking out window wearing PPE mask


Eclipse Senior Living has a comprehensive proactive, reactive and surveillance-based approach to testing at our senior living communities. We ensure all new associates hired and residents moving into the communities are tested for COVID-19. If COVID-19 is identified in the community, we will test associates and residents as part of our isolation and quarantine efforts. And, in hotspots areas, we test a sample of residents and associates, as informed by CDC guidelines.

For states with mandated testing policies, communities will continue to follow the testing as prescribed by the state. Eclipse’s testing will continue to be provided by Genetworx. In areas where local health departments have established specific testing requirements, we adhere to those guidelines. What’s more, we work with a well respected national lab and have also received test kits from the federal and state governments to use when testing is necessary.

When testing is necessary, we consult with the resident’s primary care physician and with state and local governments as needed. New residents are required to be tested upon moving into our community, and if necessary additional steps may be taken to ensure a safe and comfortable transition for new residents.

Responding to Positive Test Results

If a community is notified of a positive test result, we have well documented protocols to follow which include:

  • Contact tracing
  • Case notification
  • Swiftly and safely isolating anyone with positive test results for the proper amount of time.
  • Asking residents to quarantine to their apartments for their own safety for the proper amount of time.
  • Adding additional PPE and checks for symptoms
  • Alerting families and doctors of any resident testing positive
  • Providing a general communication to all residents and their families about increased precautions we’re taking.
  • Assigning specific associates to only serve those residents testing positive for COVID-19.

Our goal is to control the spread of infection, reduce risk to the community and monitor for changes. Depending on the state, other precautions may be added. After a brief period of time with no additional positive test activity, the community will cautiously reduce heightened restrictions put in place.

Comprehensive Quality Care Program

Lastly, all of these initiatives are aligned with our general Quality Care program designed to assess, personalize, and implement a supportive care program for each resident living in assisted living and memory care. Recently, we’ve implemented a new review component that is a regular multidisciplinary, structured conversation among the community team based on research that focuses in on continuous fine tuning of personalized care and care outcomes.


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