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Pace & Path Ahead: Our Approach to COVID-19 | Eclipse Senior Living


Pace & Path Ahead

“We are being deliberate and thoughtful about relaxing limitations on the amenities and services offered in our communities. Eclipse Senior Living has brought in a variety of expertise to help craft a plan, and manage the plan carefully based on the situation at each community and guidance from the CDC and state and local governments. In a dynamic environment like we live now, we remain nimble and responsive to the needs of our residents and the associates who serve them. I believe senior living will come out of the pandemic better than before.”

Shamim Wu COO Signature Card

What Does The Path Ahead Look Like?

Our plan is to safely reduce limitations at our senior living communities to completely restore the experience residents enjoy. 

Relaxing Limitations on Amenities and Services

While senior living looks a little different right now, we are committed to providing the same level of care, safety and peace of mind we have always strived for at every Eclipse Senior Living community.

Monitoring and Implementing Government Guidelines 

We will continue to monitor and implement the latest information and recommendations from the CDC, state regulators and local public health departments. What’s more, we’re committed to providing updates to residents and families regarding changes at the community as we work hard to revitalize our community experience.

Open Lines of Communication with Residents and Families

Communication is critical right now, as we want residents and their families informed about the decisions we make and why. As situations change, we’ll keep residents and families informed through letters, email, our website and phone calls. What’s more, we encourage feedback to the community executive director on how we’re doing.

Expertise and Experience

Running a senior living community requires a lot of expertise – from dining to maintenance, from wellness to resident interests. Eclipse Senior Living is proud of the diverse, talented team it brings together at each of its communities and who operate from the company’s support center. These diverse backgrounds, wealth of knowledge and tried and true experience our associates bring, especially in times like these, have enabled us to move faster and better to support the needs of residents and associates at each Eclipse community.

Taking Care of Associates

These extraordinary times have called for extraordinarily talented and compassionate people with diverse backgrounds. We celebrate that diversity here at Eclipse, and firmly believe it makes us stronger. The past few months haven’t been easy – so we are focused on associate wellness and engagement. #eclipsestrong.


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