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Eclipse Senior Living Flu Shot Clinics


Elmcroft and Embark Senior Living communities are pleased to welcome CVS and other reputable local pharmacies to facilitate flu shot clinics for residents, associates and their families. Each community will host at least one clinic – larger communities may make more available. Continue reading below for more details.

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Schedule of Flu Shot Clinics

Check out the schedule of flu shot clinics by downloading this PDF. We’re still coordinating with pharmacy partners at many locations, so please check back often or reach out to your Elmcroft or Embark community for more details.

Download the Consent Form you will need to complete and turn in prior to receiving the flu shot. Those people participating in our Pennsylvania Elmcroft community clinics will receive their consent form at their local Elmcroft.

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Sign Up Today!

Residents, associates and their families are all welcome at the flu shot clinics and are encouraged to receive the flu shot. Call your Elmcroft or Embark community to get registered today!

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Addressing Common Questions

Q: WHAT is happening?

Our annual flu shot clinic hosted by local reputable pharmacies including CVS and trained flu shot administrators. In addition to the flu shot, other vaccination shots may be available including COVID-19 (approved 1st and 2nd doses only), shingles, high-dose flu and pneumonia.


Most of the flu shot clinics will occur in late September and throughout October.


At your Elmcroft or Embark senior living community or at many local pharmacies.


Call your local Elmcroft or Embark senior living community to participate. Local reputable pharmacies including CVS will arrive on-site the day of the clinic, set up, distribute necessary forms and warmly welcome folks to receive the vaccine.

If you plan on getting a COVID-19 Vaccine and have already started your series, please bring your COVID-19 Vaccination card with you; note not all types of COVID-19 vaccines will be available at every clinic – please check with your ED or RSD to determine which COVID-19 vaccine type will be available. Current guidance suggests that you continue your COVID-19 vaccination series with the same vaccine with which you started.


Residents & Family Members: The majority of insurance plans cover the flu shot, including Medicare. The pharmacy will need to see your insurance card before you receive the flu shot. They will collect the needed information and file the claim for you.

AssociatesElmcroft or Embark community associates will have two options:

  1. Present their Express Scripts card for their Eclipse provided insurance to CVS or
  2. If they do not have the Eclipse provided insurance, they can contact HR for a flu vaccine voucher to be taken to a participating CVS pharmacy. Either of these options will ensure there is no cost to associates for the flu shot.

Associates are not expected to pay for their flu shot. There are no upfront fees, co-pays, or post-shot fees if they use the options above.


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Resources & Information

We know you may have many questions about why you should get the flu shot, the safety of the flu shot especially taking it with other shots like the COVID-19 vaccine and more. If you have questions about the flu shot and your personal health, please speak with your doctor or trusted health advisor.

The information below will help answer general questions for you:


Please reach out to your Elmcroft or Embark community if you have questions about receiving the flu shot or would like to participate in an upcoming clinic.

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